About Us



iTrackIT Pro was created for Builders and Contractors alike to collaborate and Track live activities on building and project sites.

We needed a way to know exactly when things were getting done and by who and we wanted a photo of it.

Seems very logical and simple right ?.... Wrong... 

There wasn't anything remotely close or simple enough for busy tradesman, business owners, and administrators to get this most basic info.
But now there is.....
This is iTrackit Pro. And we extremely proud of it.

We needed something LIVE and in REAL TIME and something that would do all the laborious paperwork for us.

No more spreadsheets! No more locked files. Drop boxes, shared files.
Too many road blocks. Too hard. Too complicated.
There is not enough time to work it all out.

So we created this simple yet very powerful platform.
A platform that anyone can use. Mobile in the field, or via the desktop in the office.
We made it easy, intuitive, mobile and most of all fast.

Getting tradesman to fill out paperwork was hard enough, so we decided to digitise it.

Lets face it, technology is moving at pace most of us have a hard enough time to keep on top of. So we needed to get cracking quickly.
We needed to innovate and become part of the solution for a slow paced construction industry.

Our motives and ambitions are to provide a digital solution for accurate, cost effective and quality building tools for our future.

With iTrackIT pro, we now have the ability to get the most important data to help build faster, more efficiently and cut wasteful costs and associated paperwork so we are able to build better, faster, higher quality projects.

We truely believe in this system and believe that this is a game changer.

We can now leave those old world war 1 gantt charts behind and focus on building projects where we can see what is happening right now.

Program and forecast our projects with real data, not someone else's best guess.