Document control Vs Live Activity Tracking


A common question asked to our product team and engineers is,

“Whats the difference between iTrackitpro and a typical document control program like Aconex, Teambinder or Procore?"

Our answer is,
Whilst all of these programs are great in their own right and serve a very important function within the construction industry, iTrackitpro is much different. We are not a document control system.

iTrackitPro is a platform that is able to upload your complete scope of works as a supplier, trade or subcontractor and allows cross trade pollination and co-ordination.

It is an end to end solution from the factory floor in production (anywhere in the world), to loading shipping containers or delivery trucks and finally, digitising onsite installations of that product.

It is a system that allows you to have your most current shop drawings, plans, images, or order lists accessible in the fastest way possible when on the factory floor or out in the field through very cleaver technology.

No other system compares to the speed at which you can access the data you need, when you need it.
And it is super easy for tradespeople who are on the tools every day.

Our technology is hyper intelligent and knows what you need depending on your location.

Modern construction projects are a living, breathing, ever changing organism.
Cross trade, cross supplier pollination and coordination must occur to build safer, quicker and more intelligently and cost effectively than ever before.

This is our commitment to our industry.