Real Time Activity Tracking
& Live Construction Workflow

Enabling all project workflows to come together.
Get Manufacturing, Shipping, Delivery, Project teams and installers all on the same wavelength.




Track and Manage your Projects from any location.
See it all in Real Time.



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Adding live activities and traceability to construction projects

Get information live and in realtime for any project.
Collaborate and share workflows with all trades.
Get Procurement, Shipping, Delivery and Manufacturing workflows in once place.
A perfect platform for highly intelligent companies who need accurate project data and analytics.


A purpose built mobile & desktop solution for any factory or construction site.

Follow production, local and overseas shipping and procurement of any product or trade.
And complete with the final installation, available for all key stakeholders.

Monitor multiple projects live from any location.

Monitor multiple projects live from any location.

So what does it do?

If you are a contractor or builder and have a large commercial project or even a small domestic project, iTrackIT pro can work for you.

Get live data, images and QR codes on any workflow activities that are important to you and your team.

Our clients use iTrackIT Pro to track installations, deliveries, overseas procurement, samples, plant and equipment.
What ever you might need to build and supply to a construction site or project.

Our system is very agile and flexible.
It can be used across a range of trades, even as a builder or project management team and quantity surveyors.

See the percentage of items complete and hourly allocations from your desktop or mobile app.

Mark up actions or defects, add photos and PDF files and drawings, allocate tasks -  the IOS mobile app will get you that step closer to being a truly digital and innovative business ready for future technologies in construction and project management.

Keep up to date in real time and start collaborating with other teams to get efficiency, trace-ability and accountability out of your project. More importantly get that information from 1 place and display it on an easy to read dashboard.

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